Himba woman with child and infant

Himba Village, Namibia

Namibia is well known to photographers for its beautiful landscapes and wildlife , but what I loved the most was spending time with the Himba people who live in the far north.

Video: Welcome Home Ministries

I wanted to share the video I made for Welcome Home Ministries. WHM is the program that provides hope and support for incarcerated women. Recently a NY Times reporter wrote an extensive article about how researchers, former inmates, and prison advocates are calling for women’s facilities to do more then …

Woman in black and teal burka

The Women of Kashmir

I just returned from Kashmir, a magnificent region of India. Referred to as a tropical paradise in old literature, there is no wonder why it has been the subject of many disputes and is now divided between India and Pakistan. Kashmir is surrounded by Himalayan Mountain Ranges whose rivers have …


Photography as a Healing Art

For the last 6 months I have been documenting the women of Welcome Home Ministries, a re-entry program at Las Colinas Detention Center. These women live in a separate FAIR dorm – Future Achievers In Re-entry – which is a dedicated housing facility that provides a safe and secure, structured …

Expressions of pain

Making the Invisible Visible

I’ve been working with Welcome Home Ministries, which provides supportive services to incarcerated women at Las Colinas Detention Facility. This organization has implemented a-one-of-a-kind program. It is a peer-mentored, therapeutic community model, held in a dedicated dorm within Las Colinas. The FAIR (Future Achievers in Re-Entry) housing unit was designed …