Indira Ranamagar

While in Kathmandu last month I had the privilege of spending time with Indira Ranamagar. She is a remarkable woman who received the 2014 World’s Children Prize Honorary Award for her 20 year struggle for children of prisoners in Nepal. Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA) was started as a grassroots organization …

Current Exhibitions

I wanted to share my recent exhibition at The Museum at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido and a montage at the University of San Diego’s Institute of Peace and Justice.

Ethiopia: Omo River Valley 2015

The tribal people that reside in the Omo River Valley in the far southwest of Ethiopia may be some of the most unique on the African continent. They are known for their cultural practices, which are based on ancient beliefs, as well as their interaction with the physical environment. They …

“Making the Invisible Visible” slideshow for AJFO Conference

My project, Making the Invisible Visible, illuminates women in the process of reclaiming their worth, their joy and their dignity as they participate in a reentry program at Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Center in San Diego. Looking out from these images are eyes that have most likely witnessed unspeakable …

An invitation from Michele

I invite you to embark on this Everest Base Camp journey with me for one of the most memorable treks you will ever encounter, from 25th April to 10th May 2016.

The Holi Festival: FLOWER Holi

The Flower Holi celebration in Vrindaban is celebrated by thousands of pilgrims as well as local Hindus. Being in Vrindaban for Holi is a special event because of its spiritual connection to the life of Lord Krishna.