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Irish Traveller’s – Social Landscape

I just returned home from Ireland where I was visiting the Irish Travellers. I came home disheartened and sad. Spending time with them and talking about their lives, there seems to be no answer or resolution in bringing the Travellers and ‘settled’ people together. Irish Travellers are Gypsies, also known …

Family sits in painted caravan

Getting to know the Irish Travellers

Spending time in the Irish Travellers community was an interesting and very unique experience. My project gives insight into the everyday life and values of Ireland’s largest marginalized group. They are a beautiful group of people, living traditional gender roles with great importance placed on family, lifelong bonds and observance …

Young black dad with his child on his lap

Lots of exciting news

More on the “Children of the Coffee” documentary and other organizations inspired to help in that area, as well as news about the 2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award and the SlowExposures juried exhibition.


The Changpas – Nomadic Life in Ladakh

I was very happy I had this opportunity to visit these amazing people. Unlike many other nomadic groups, the Changpa are not under any pressure from settled farmers because the vast majority of land is too inhospitable for farming.

ABC News Story on Voices of Our City Choir

I wanted to share a clip that ABC Channel 10 News San Diego did on the Voices of Our City Choir” when they performed at the Music Box last week. It was a very exciting night. I love showing what Steph Johnson and Nina Deering are doing to help change …

Man singing

Voices of Our City Choir

VOICES OF OUR CITY CHOIR is a testament to the healing power of music. It is a meeting place where the voices of the voiceless are heard, instilling hope in those sleeping outside on the streets. This choir was founded by Steph Johnson and Nina Deerling, talented jazz musicians here …

Delta man with his dog

“Delta Dog” chosen for Southern Landscapes 2017

One of my images from my trip to the Mississippi Delta has been selected by Elizabeth Avedon for inclusion in Southern Landscapes 2017: “Southern landscapes depict the physical elements of the American South (hills, water, architecture, light …) as well as the cultural aspects.” The exhibition will be held at …

Dog with toy in her mouth, volunteer and other dogs looking on

My image of Pia chosen for “Puppy Love”

One of my images was just accepted into “Puppy Love“, a juried photo exhibition to benefit rescue dogs. The image selected is of a dog that was rescued from a South Korean Dog Food factory. A large group of them are being socialized at the San Diego Humane Society. The …