Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

I am a humanitarian photographer whose photographs address important social welfare concerns worldwide. I believe the visual image is a powerful tool that creates a lasting impression of emotion, curiosity, caring and hope of mankind.

I travel the world photographing divergent people and cultures resulting in images that express the dignity of our universal connection. The soulful intimacy of my photos comes from spending time in my subjects world and capturing their essence.

The permission they grant me, the openness they offer me by inviting me into their world, never ceases to inspire me.

Michele in Sunny Provence


  1. Every image is truly amazing and inspirational. Congrats on beginning your blog. I can’t wait for all the wonderful posts to come. Never stop traveling!!

  2. Your photos are fantastic and show a deep understanding and caring about your subjects. Your new blog looks wonderful and the dialogue is very powerful. So very proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished……….and it’s only the beginning!

  3. These photos are so awesome! What a strong connection you make with the people you visit. And it directly connects to me. Looking forward to your blog….

  4. I love to see what your latest adventures are. Your work is so special. Thanks for letting me know about your wonderful blog.

  5. WOW Michelle! Your blog is beautiful… and your photos are exquisite! What a special gift you have of capturing the people and the world around you!! Thank you for sharing this… I look forward to following you and enjoying your posts to come!!

  6. Michele, thanks for letting us look through your lens and share your vision. Your photographs are works of art that come alive when viewed and shared by all of us. Can’t see where you’ll take us next. Silvana

  7. Shelly, amazing how far you have come these past two years.
    Your heart knows no boundaries as your passion connects you to the world at large. The beauty in your photos is real, raw and vulnerable. Bravo….

  8. So happy for you that you have this gift and the knowledge and power to pursue it!!! You go girl!! You are exposing amazing cultures around the world to those of us who may never have had the chance to see how beautiful they are!!

  9. OMG Michelle! Your blog is truly special because your photos are exquisite! You have a special talent that captures the people and the world around you!! Thank you for sharing the blog. I will follow along already look forward to your posts to come!!

  10. Michelle,You did a wonderful job with the blog. I went through the Re-entry photos. What struck me were the smiles. So many of the women had genuine smiles on their faces. It was great meeting you at Bobbie’s workshop. Looking forward to following your blog , photos, and adventures. Hope to see you again soon.

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