Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

I wanted to share.

The Museum at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido has a wonderful exhibit featuring 6 of my Ethiopian images in the main hall.

The History and the Hair Story: 400 Years Without a Comb is a journey through the history of the African American hair industry and its role in our present culture. From its origins in the seat of civilization to the epicenter of the civil rights movement, the comb’s untold story takes the spotlight in this exhibition by way of 400 years’ worth of artifacts, photography, historical accounts, propaganda, and much more.. Curated by Starla Lewis, Professor of Black History at San Diego Mesa College and frequent guest curator and lecturer at the Women’s Museum of California.

I also have a permanent exhibit hanging at the University of San Diego’s Institute of Peace and Justice. John Rowe and I have given images to this wonderful college.

The first one – montages of images from all of my travels – are hanging in the Dean’s office. More images will be hung along the main hallways.

Photographs from the exhibit are reprinted here with permission from

Woman touching photo at exhibit

Woman viewing photos at exhibit

Two women viewing photographs at exhibit

Exhibit photographs showing children and a young man“>Honey Photographs by Alyss.


  1. So amazing that your work is being shown all over SD. I need to go see these exhibits before I leave. Love you and so proud of all you do.

  2. Michele, your belief that Humanity is Art is fully expressed and stunningly impressive. So glad that many others agree. Your exhibit is striking example of the impact you are having around the world.

  3. Beautiful, rich, and moving works! The pieces allow a glimpse into the depth of each subject’s life/journey.

    Thank you for sharing!

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